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$1000 Atlanta Open - Aug 7-8,1998

         Open Doubles
         1- Rodney Jenkins-Billy Caylor
         2- Chris Forsyth-Dickie Crosby
         3- Sam Sinefield-Rob Merrritt
         4- Rick Petro-Tony Byrd

         Open Singles

         1- Mike Cody
         2- Chris Folsom
         3- Rick Petro
         4- Mickey Munger

         Open Mixed
        1- Rick Petro-Brittany Mcdonald
        2- Chris + Susan Forsyth
        3- Chris Folsom-Deanna Byrd                                         


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Major Tournament winners from Atlanta

             While I am tryin to compile an accurate list of accomplishments
             from our local player base, here is a partial list of events won
                by Atlanta players that play in our local tournaments.
                                   (No skippy events)

   World Championships-      Pro/Master DYP
                             Womens Doubles
                             Expert Doubles
   National Championships-   Open Mixed Doubles (1998)
                             Semi-Pro Singles
   Masters -                 Limited Doubles
                             Semi-Pro Doubles
                             Semi-Pro Singles 
                             Amateur Doubles
                             Amateur Singles

               A complete list will be published as soon as it is put together.
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